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We come to you!

At Donemans pool centre we understand that not everyone has the time to maintain their own pool or spa.

Some may lead a busy life and just want to enjoy their pool, not work on it, or maybe you just need a little help as you are heading away on holiday. Our fleet of local and dependable technicians delivers quality, convenient pool maintenance and pool services to your door.

Donemans pool centre has options that suit everybody’s pool service needs including one-off pool services, ongoing regular maintenance and testing & balance of pool water samples. We're also warranty agents & distributors for most major pool, pond & span filtration and equipment brands.

Donemans Home Pool Health Check

One-off pool servicing

Is your pool healthy and ready to swim in? Donemans Home Pool HealthCheck is a small price to pay to make sure that it is.

A qualified and experienced pool technician will conduct a cursory check of your pool or spa filtration equipment and a full water test. We'll inform you if a water treatment is required and can even provide the chemicals or do it for you. Book your Home Pool Health Check today for your family's peace of mind.

Ongoing regular maintenance

For peace of mind and a sparkling pool, our regular servicing is for you. Our technicians will provide a range of essential maintenance services uniquely tailored to your pool.

From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, we will ensure your pool remains in tip-top condition.

Onsite water analysis

Test & balance

For those of you that don't have time to bring a water sample into our store, we will come to you.

A Donemans technician will conduct an accurate onsite water analysis, and recommend the right chemicals for your pool to ensure your pool remains healthy and ready to swim in. 

Warranty agents

Whether your pool or spa pump has stopped working, or your chlorinator is beeping, Donemans Pool Centre has the technician to fix it.

We can offer you a highly trained team to solve your pool's problems. If something is not working as it should, give us a call to discuss the best option for you. Donemans Pool Centre is a warranty agent & distributor for most major pool, pond & spa filtration and equipment brands.

Get your pool serviced and maintained with our home service

Enjoy your pool rather than work on your pool. Highly-trained and experienced technicians, deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and pool services to your door.