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We always have something new and exciting going on here at Donemans Pool Centre! keep up to date with all our projects and products by reading some of our interesting blogs!

Svensson Heights Liner

Fantastic Pool Liner Replacement Have a look at how your old liner can be replaced and fitted with one of our brand new patterned Liners from ABGAIL!This pool was starting to show its age, but with an easy to do face lift its looking as fresh as the day it went in!Replacing a liner is a simple process consisting of the following steps1: We remove the old liner and extrusion (t ...

Coral Cove Renovation

Check out this awesome renovation we just recently completed out at Coral Cove! Lots of time and work goes into the renovations we do at Donemans Pools, as we strive to give you the best result for your revamped pool! This project alone involved the removal of the old surface of the pool & Spa, re-tiling the step in, spa and waterline, preparing the surface with a abrasive ...

Therapy 3!

Introducing the all new Magnesium Supplement from Lo Chlor! Therapy 3 is a Mineral based additive you can add to any pool to give it all the health benefits traditional Magnesium Pools provide without the costly equipment changes. Adding the product into your pool is as simple as using pool acid, just tip the required amount into the pool and receive these benefits for up to 3 ...

DYNAMITE Dolphins!

Donemans DYNAMITE Dolphins!When you purchase a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you gain peace of mind and enjoyment with an automated complete pool cleaning experience. Easy to setup, dolphin robotic pool cleaners deliver maximum precision, hygiene with minimal intervention. Intelligent, self-adjusting software ensures optimized pool coverage for any size or shaped pool and the ...

ATOM Series from Spa Electrics

Small, Compact but POWERFUL! This new Niche style light will have your pool lit up like never before!

Easy Summer

Who doesn't want an easy start to opening your pool come Summer? Keeping your pool clean throughout the year will ensure it's easy to open come Spring. It's not too late to get on board with a tailored program designed specifically for your pool to make re-opening EASY AS! Contact us about a tailored program for your pool so you can #swimmoreworkless ...

SKYE Card Interest FREE!

Donemans is proud to present to you the SKYE Card! Clean Now. Pay Later. Need a new pool cleaner?Maybe a present for Dad this Father's Day?Come in-store for 6 months Interest FREE*We are fully stocked on our range of Robotic & Suction Cleaners.*Contact us for more details*This interest free payment option is now available in-store, see our friendly staff for more informatio ...

Grid of 5 photos of a pool liner replacement job by Donemans Pool Centre

Liner Replacement

Removal of old liner, prep of pool surface, replacement of face tiles, installation of the new liner and fill & balance pool.

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