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At Donemans, we get that a pool is more than just water and walls—it's where memories are made. Our team of pool builders is all set to turn your pool ideas into reality, with straightforward advice and designs that fit what you're looking for.

Let's go through the steps you’ll take when building your pool including:

Pool that backs onto entertainment area in late afternoon

Planning your pool

Ready to start building your pool? We've got you covered. During the planning stage, we'll chat about what you need—like how big your pool should be or where it'll go—and make sure everything's sorted, from looks to safety.

Some of the things we’ll look at in the planning stage are:

  • Style
  • Design
  • Fencing location
  • Pool size and depth
  • Gate / door entrances
  • Impact on important aspects of your garden
  • Safety implications for children

Designing your dream pool

Fancy a classic rectangle or something more unique? We help you pick or design a pool that's all you. It's all about creating the perfect spot for summer BBQs or a quick dip after work.

We have an extensive portfolio of designs so whether you are after a lap pool or a big deep end for cannonballs, we can help you create the pool design that best fits you or your family. 

Inground pool built by experienced Donemans Pool Centre team

Consultation and quote

Let's talk pools! We'll meet up, check out your space, and give you a clear price for the whole job. We're all about keeping things clear and simple—no hidden surprises.

Approval and insurance

We handle the tricky bits, like getting the thumbs-up from the council and sorting out the insurance. So, you can chill while Donemans handles all necessary approvals and insurance paperwork, ensuring every step complies with local regulations and gives you complete peace of mind.

Construction journey

Witness the transformation as our skilled pool builders, with precision and care, bring your pool to life. We'll get your pool done with minimal fuss, always keeping your backyard tidy and safe while we work.

The pool construction journey looks like this:

  • Design & permits: Finalise the pool design and obtain necessary building permits from local council.
  • Site preparation: Clear the area where the pool will be built, which may involve grading the land and setting up access for construction equipment.
  • Excavation: Dig the hole for the pool to the specified dimensions.
  • Reinforcement: Install a network of steel rebar to reinforce the concrete.
  • Spraying concrete: Spray concrete for the pool shell.
  • Curing: Allow the concrete to cure properly, which is crucial for structural integrity.
  • Tiling and coping: Install tile and coping at the edges of the pool for aesthetic and practical purposes.
  • Plumbing and electrical: Lay out the plumbing lines for water circulation and electrical conduits for lighting and pool equipment.
  • Decking and landscaping: Construct the pool deck and do any landscaping around the pool area.
  • Equipment set-up: Install the pool pump, heater, filter, and any other equipment.
  • Fencing: Erect a safety fence around the pool area if required by local laws.
  • Final inspection: Have a final inspection by the local authority to ensure compliance with safety and building standards.
  • Interior finish: Apply the interior finish to the pool surface.
  • Filling the pool: Fill the pool with water and balance the chemicals.
Pool that backs onto entertainment area in late afternoon

Safety measures

Keeping you and your family safe is integral to our pool build and construction ethos. We rigorously implement all required safety measures and signage, ensuring a secure construction site and a safe, enjoyable pool for years to come.

Handover and commissioning

The best bit? Handing over your new pool. We'll show you how to keep it clean (see our Queensland Pool Maintenance Guide) and run all the gear, so all that's left is for you to jump in and have fun.

Testimonials and case studies

Don't just take our word for it—our happy customers say it best. Check out their stories and see how we've helped them get the pool they've always wanted.

Ready to dive into your pool-building journey with Donemans? Give our pool builders a call or contact us here. 

Looking to build your dream pool?

No matter your pool construction needs, our team can help design and build your dream pool.