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Owning a pool is a luxury, a source of endless fun and relaxation right in your backyard. But here's the kicker: maintaining it can either be a breeze or a backbreaker, depending on the knowledge you arm yourself with.

Welcome to The Queensland Pool Maintenance Guide – your foolproof manual to keeping your pool sparkling, efficient, and envy-worthy all year round.

Why Trust Us?

With decades of experience in pool building, servicing and supplies under our belts and countless satisfied pool owners singing our praises, we've mastered the art of pool maintenance. Our guide is not just about keeping your pool clean; it's about ensuring that you can take a swim on that really hot day. Ready to dive in?

Know Your Pool

Every pool has its personality and its quirks. Understanding your pool's specific needs is the first step towards a maintenance routine that’s as seamless as your morning coffee.

  • Type and Size: Is it above-ground or in-ground? Concrete or fibreglass? Size equals volume equals chemical needs.
  • The Filter System: Sand, Glass or Cartridge? Each has its maintenance rhythm.
  • Plumbing and Heaters: Complexity varies, but so does the approach to ensure they’re running smoothly.

Know these details. They’re your pool's DNA.

Regular Maintenance: The Non-Negotiables

Regular does not mean daily. It means having a routine. It can be helpful to create a pool cleaning schedule that you follow. Here’s your cheat sheet:

1. Skimming and Scrubbing

Leaves, bugs, and debris? Not in your pool. A daily skim keeps the surface pristine, while weekly scrubbing wards off algae and grime.

Equipment needed: Telescopic Handle, Broom and a Leaf Rake

2. Clean Your Pool Filter

It’s the unsung hero of your pool. Clean filters mean a clean pool. Monthly cleaning/soaking for cartridges and backwashing for sand or glass every few months keep the water crystal clear.

Equipment needed: Garden Hose (high pressure) and/or bucket

3. Chemical Choreography

Balance is not just life advice; it’s crucial for your pool. pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitiser levels need to be just right. Weekly testing for pH, chlorine and alkalinity levels with a reliable kit will guide your chemical additions. Aim for a pH between 7.2 and 7.6, chlorine levels between 2 and 3 ppm, and alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm. Too low? Too high? We've got the fixes.

4. Shock Treatment

Why wait for problems? A bi-weekly shock treatment keeps the water quality in check, preventing algae and bacteria from crashing your pool party.

Equipment needed: Focus Shock N Clear

5. Maintain Water Levels

Often overlooked but important is maintaining water levels in your pool. Allowing the water in your pool to get too high or too low can throw off the balance of chemicals in the water. Having the right water levels will also help your skimmers and filters to do their job.

6. Professional Check-up

Even with meticulous maintenance, an annual check-up by a professional ensures everything is functioning perfectly and can save you thousands in the long run.

Seasonal Tips

Summer Ready

Heat + Pool = Use. Up the ante on skimming and scrubbing, monitor chemicals closely due to increased use and evaporation, and keep that filter clean.

Winter Wrap-up

Lower temperatures mean less algal growth but don’t get complacent. Adjust the chemical balance, reduce filtering hours, and consider a winter cover to protect from debris.

Common Pitfalls – Avoid At All Costs

  • Neglecting pH Levels: Too acidic or too basic water can damage equipment and irritate skin and eyes.
  • Ignoring Algae Build-up: Once it takes hold, it's a Herculean task to eliminate. Prevent rather than cure.

Professional Services and Solutions

Sometimes, a professional touch is needed to address complex issues or to give your pool a thorough check-up. If you are in the Bundaberg, Queensland area, Doneman's offers a range of services, including:

  • Regular Maintenance Plans: For hassle-free pool care, consider our regular maintenance plans. Our experts will handle everything from chemical balancing to equipment checks.
  • Equipment Installation and Repair: Upgrading your pool's equipment? We can install energy-efficient pumps, filters, and heating solutions. If something's not working right, our repair services will get your pool back in top shape.
  • Renovation Services: Looking to give your pool a makeover? We specialize in pool resurfacing, replacement liners and new coping pavers to transform your backyard into a paradise.

Visit Our Pool Supplies Shop

For all your pool care needs, visit the shop for pool supplies. Our shop offers a wide range of quality products, from chemicals to cleaning equipment, and our knowledgeable staff is always here to offer advice and support.

Visit our pool supplies page to browse our products or drop by our store for personalised service.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our happy customers have said:

“Awesome experience, got the part I was looking for, good price. Lovely staff that had the perfect answer to every question I had. Would highly recommend to all my friends. Thanks heaps guys!” – Wayne K

“Always go above and beyond great service keep up the good work” – Scott Kirk

Pool Maintenance Guide - Final Splash

Your pool is not just a feature; it's a lifestyle. This pool maintenance guide isn’t about doing more; it’s about doing right. Skim, scrub, test, treat, and repeat – with our expert-backed advice, you're not just maintaining a pool; you're elevating an experience.

Why settle for a pool when you can own an oasis?

Invest the time, follow this guide, and reap the benefits of a pool that’s always ready to impress, relax, and entertain. Here’s to making a splash, the right way. 

Looking to build your dream pool?

No matter your pool construction needs, our team can help design and build your dream pool.