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Pool Renovations

Grid of 5 photos of a pool liner replacement job by Donemans Pool Centre

Liner Replacement

Removal of old liner, prep of pool surface, replacement of face tiles, installation of the new liner and fill & balance pool.

Grid of 5 photos of an above-ground pool restoration job

Above Ground Pool Restoration

Storm damage repairs to this above-ground pool.

Three photos showing the pool renovation by Donemans Pool Centre

Fibreglass lining

See the before and after of this pool renovation with a fibreglass lining replacement.

Before and after of a green pool full of algae that was restored to a nice, blue pool.

Green Pool Clean Up

Take a look at what we completed after we were contacted by an insurance company in regards to this pool.

Before and after of a liner replacement in Bahama blue colour

Liner Replacement - Bahama

Liner Replacement, New Coping Pavers, New Face Tiles, New Chlorinator

Renovation progress on this pool with a liner replacement

Liner Replacement - Caribbean

Liner Replacement

Collage of a pool renovation with a liner replacement and pebble finish on steps

Pool Renovation - Caribbean

Liner Replacement, Pebble finish on Step, New Tiles.

A grid of 4 photos showing the newly renovated pool with a fresh liner

Liner Replacement - Pacific

Liner replacement on this large outdoor pool

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