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Grid of 5 photos of a pool liner replacement job by Donemans Pool Centre

Liner Replacement

Removal of old liner, prep of pool surface, replacement of face tiles, installation of the new liner and fill & balance pool.

Long pool with water features in fancy home at dusk

MagnaPool Minerals

Pool Water that’s the perfect balance for your health, wellbeing and for the environment. MagnaPool is a unique blend of minerals that helps to soothe skin conditions and relax & rejuvenate the body.

Grid of 5 photos of an above-ground pool restoration job

Above Ground Pool Restoration

Storm damage repairs to this above-ground pool.

Three photos showing the pool renovation by Donemans Pool Centre

Fibreglass lining

See the before and after of this pool renovation with a fibreglass lining replacement.

Before and after of a green pool full of algae that was restored to a nice, blue pool.

Green Pool Clean Up

Take a look at what we completed after we were contacted by an insurance company in regards to this pool.

Before and after of a liner replacement in Bahama blue colour

Liner Replacement - Bahama

Liner Replacement, New Coping Pavers, New Face Tiles, New Chlorinator

Light blue pool with cloudy water

Fixing Cloudy Pool Water

One of the most commonly occurring pool problems is cloudy water. A large number of pool owners battle this issue, which doesn’t necessarily pose a health risk to swimmers but can look unsightly.

Maintaining your Filter

Filter Maintenance is an important part of all pool owners’ responsibilities. Whether you have a Cartridge or Sand Filter, filter maintenance should be conducted regularly to ensure proper efficiency of your pool equipment.

Looking to build your dream pool?

No matter your pool construction needs, our team can help design and build your dream pool.