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How to Clean Your Salt Cell

Salt Cells require cleaning to prevent calcium deposits from building up & preventing the production of chlorine.

Comparison chart of a dirty cell and a clean cell

Follow these simple steps to clean your salt cell

  1. Remove cell from chlorinator housing
  2. Pour Safe-T-Cell Cleaning Solution into a plastic container
  3. Immerse the cell into the container for around 10-15 minutes
  4. Heavily crusted cells may require further treatment. Never use any metal implement to dislodge calcium.
  5. Reinstall salt cell

Cleaning your cell is an important part of pool maintenance - especially on older model chlorinators without a self-cleaning option. With a large amount of calcium in your salt cell, you reduce or completely remove water contact with the plates, preventing chlorine production and in some cases damaging the expensive plates. But don't be fooled - newer "self-cleaning" salt chlorinators still require cleaning! They use reverse polarity to REDUCE calcium build-up and extend the time between cleaning.

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