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Lighting In Your Pool

A pool at nighttime with lights on

As winter approaches and the hours of daylight become shorter, we look to solutions that allow us to continue with outdoor activities like swimming.

Having adequate lighting in your pool area not only makes swimming an ongoing option through the cooler months but also makes it more appealing. Not only that, it can provide an easy but stunning design feature for your home.

Here’s our rundown of the latest lighting innovations so that you can get the most out of your pool this autumn and winter.

LED overtaking halogen

Although LED lights can be more expensive than halogen, they have a number of advantages over halogens that are fast making them the most popular option on the market.

LED lights operate on 15% of the energy of a Halogen light. They also don’t create the amount of heat a halogen light creates and emit light in a specific direction. Today the availability of high quality brighter LED lights is much more widespread, and the price has come down to make them more affordable.

For a quick & easy makeover of your pool, Donemans Pool Centre has replacement lights to suit any installation type & budget. Upgrade your old Halogen Light to an LED Pool Light today and enjoy around 100,000 hours of Lighting. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pool lighting on the market.

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