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Fantastic Pool Liner Replacement

Fantastic Pool Liner Replacement

Have a look at how your old liner can be replaced and fitted with one of our brand new patterned Liners from ABGAIL!

This pool was starting to show its age, but with an easy to do face lift its looking as fresh as the day it went in!

Replacing a liner is a simple process consisting of the following steps

1: We remove the old liner and extrusion (this is what we call the capping that holds your liner in) and preparing the surface of the pool by removing any rough pieces of debris or concrete that could effect the new liner. 
2: From here we use an A-B mark out program to accurately measure and 3D map your pool so your new Liner fits as good as possible!
3: After the A-B mark out we go ahead with replacing any of the tiles that need replacing and begin fit new extrusion below the tile line for the new ABGAIL liner to be fitted too. This is a very important part of the procedure as the tile band and extrusion is the most visible part of your liner pool.
4: Once the pool is fully prepared and your new custom-designed ABGAIL liner arrives we proceed with fitting the liner to the extrusion around the top of your pool (and the step in if you have one) and begin filling with water. This is when all that hard work pays off and we see the nice fit of the new liner in your pool!
5: Finally we do a test and balance for your water chemistry and start up your equipment. You are now ready to swim and enjoy your pool!

If this sounds like something you need done to your pool pop in-store or phone up and request one of our experienced technicians to come out and provide you with a FREE quotation!

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