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The Benefits of Pebblecrete

Over the years pebblecrete has advanced dramatically, and with the addition of glass beads to the mix to add more colour and contrast to the pool surface it has made what was already a very custom design even more so. Coming in a large range of colours the glass beads not only brighten the surface of your pool but also add more sparkle to your water through the reflection of the sun’s rays back towards the surface giving your pool a true sparkle. This in conjunction with the use of smaller stones in the pebble blend, creates a nice smooth finish compared to the pebble pools of the past.

The surface feel and appeal isn’t the only thing that makes pebblecrete pools a front runner in choice of surface for your pool but also their flexibility with design. If you haven’t looked around you will find the majority of luxury and commercial oasis style pools are pebblecrete surfaces due to this factor. The pool being built onsite gives the builder the ability to truly capture your dream design and create a backyard hideaway for your family and friends to enjoy!

Along with the physical feel and appeal of pebblecrete pools, another factor that truly makes them stand out compared to their competition is their longevity. A pebblecrete pool will not only stay looking great for far longer than fibreglass and vinyl pools due to their resistance to surface fading but is much stronger as well. As you can imagine a surface composed of rebar and concrete has far more resilience to the moving of the earth around it and is less likely to leak as a result of this than its counterparts and in some cases last for decades without the need for renovations.

So to summarise pebblecrete pools not only stand the test of time but will look great while doing it and have the ability to be made exactly how you want to suit whatever design you have envisioned. With this in mind we hope you will consider a pebblecrete pool for your pool surface when planning your pool build as we are  sure you will not be disappointed.

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