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Maintaining your Filter

Maintaining Your Filter

Filter Maintenance is an important part of all pool owners’ responsibilities.

Whether you have a Cartridge or Sand Filter, filter maintenance should be conducted regularly to ensure proper efficiency of your pool equipment. Neglecting your filter can cause problems ranging from poor water quality to damage of equipment.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters are a paper fibre filter & require cleaning on a weekly basis. This involves removing the cartridge from the housing & hosing off all visible debris.

In addition to this, the cartridge should be chemically cleaned approximately every 3 months. This involves removing the cartridge & soaking it in a cleaning solution before hosing off all debris. Cartridges should be replaced every 2 years at a maximum.

Media Filters

Media Filters can be filled with sand or glass media. They are a better method of filtration than cartridge filters, providing superior water quality & clarity. These filters require backwashing & rinsing on a monthly basis, removing all caught dirt and debris from the media. Sand requires replacing every 4-5 years, while glass lasts 10-12 years. It is advised to do a chemical filter clean once a year, ensuring that you are filtering your water the best you can.

Filter Maintenance is often overlooked by pool owners; however, it is an integral part of your pool care. Maintaining your filter can help reduce chemical usage and ensure that you are swimming in clean, healthy water year-round.

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