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8 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Cleaner for Your Pool

We've put together the 8 top tips for choosing the best cleaner for your own pool!

A pool at nighttime with lights on

Lighting In Your Pool

As winter approaches and the hours of daylight become shorter, we look to solutions that allow us to continue with outdoor activities like swimming. Having adequate lighting in your pool area not only makes swimming an ongoing option through the cooler months but also makes it more appealing.

Hayward Maxflow

Save Energy, Save MONEY

Electricity bills are often a daunting time for most of us – and that obviously includes the cost of running a pool. But there are many things you can do to reduce this cost and save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. 

Attacking Scale and Stains

Keeping your pool in pristine condition requires a precise balancing of various elements. When not properly maintained, scale and stains can develop and become a problem, however, never fear – Donemans Pool Centre has some handy hints on how to rid your pool of this pesky nuisance.

How to Clean Your Salt Cell

Salt Cells require cleaning to prevent calcium deposits from building up & preventing the production of chlorine. Follow these simple steps to clean your salt cell.

Looking to build your dream pool?

No matter your pool construction needs, our team can help design and build your dream pool.